All About Nidia!


Name: Nidia Guenard
Nickname: Liny
Weight: 125 lbs.
D.O.B. 3/12/79 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Hometown: Houston, TX

Federation: WWF
Recognitions: 2001 Tough Enough female winner
Education: Dobie High School, Class of '96
Siblings: One sister, Lourdes
Pets: 4 dogs, 4 ferrets, and one cat
Hobbies: Clubbing, reading, meditating

Favorite wrestler: Jeff Hardy
Favorite dish: Salted tofu
Favorite drink: Water or Kool Aid
Favorite supplement: Myoplex cookie and cream bars
Favorite TV show: The Simpsons
Favorite band: N'Sync
Favorite actor: Brad Pit and Jim Carey
Favorite actress: Angelina Jolie

Personality: Flirtatious, carefree, generous, fun loving,
determined individual
Interesting facts: Doesn't smoke or drink and is a vegetarian.
Heard about Tough Enough competition from her sister because
she didn't have a TV at the time

--Early life

Guenard graduated from J Frank Dobie high school in Houston, Texas. Other former notable Dobie alumni are: The Undertaker (who attended freshman-junior years before moving to Dallas, and still holds school weightlifting records); two members of techno group Fear 2 Stop; and former major league relief pitcher Shane Nance.

Although performing as an exotic dancer before she became a wrestler, Guenard turned down a Playboy shoot in late 2003. It is speculation that this is how she met and started her relationship with former WWE wrestler Eric Angle. Eric Angle's brother, TNA wrestler Kurt Angle is married to a woman named Karen who is also a former exotic dancer and it is also speculated, by some, that the four met under these terms.

WWE She stayed with the company for two years after her Tough Enough contract expired, debuting on the Smackdown! Brand as Jamie Noble's girlfriend in the summer of 2002. She led Noble to the WWE Cruiserweight title by assisting him in a victory over The Hurricane at the King of The Ring. She also feuded with fellow Smackdown! diva Torrie Wilson, leading to many mixed tag team matches with Guenard and Noble against Wilson and various other Cruiserweights as her partner. Guenard was "blinded" by Tajiri during a match between Tajiri and Noble after taking his "black mist." Following this Nidia appeared at ringside with sunglasses to sell the injury. During this time, Noble would throw Nidia in front of various opponents to save himself and later claim she was being attacked. Rey Mysterio enlightened her of this, resulting in Guenard turning on Noble. The two feuded, which culminating in a match at the 2004 No Way Out in which Noble had to wear a blindfold. Noble cheated to win by removing the blindfold.

--Raw Brand(2004-2005)

Nidia was drafted to the Raw Brand in the spring of 2004 After defeating Molly Holly, where she became a face. She regularly teamed with Stacy Keibler and Victoria against heels Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Molly Holly, and Jazz. She was ultimately released on November 3rd, 2004 along with Gail Kim and Chuck Palumbo. Although not featured in any of the PS2 WWE games, she did appear in two Xbox WWE games: WWE RAW 2 & WWE Wrestlemania 21.

After being released by WWE, Nidia wrestled in many independent promotions and tours including Kishi's Nu-Wrestling Evolution in Italy and Ultimo Dragon's Toryumon Mexico.

Although WWE management considered rehiring her in mid-2006, those plans fell through. Nidia then decided to hang up her wrestling gear for the foreseeable future.

During a recent interview, Nidia stated she is settling with her current boyfriend in Italy, teaching yoga classes, and gave birth to their daughter Lilith Fae Dal Bosco in April 2007.


--In wrestling

Finishing Moves
Signature Moves
Northern lights suplex Swinging neckbreaker Missile dropkick

--Wrestlers managed

Jamie Noble

Maven Huffman

Dawn Marie


Nidia's Commentary!

11/9/01 Hey hey. Nidia here. I just want to thank all of you for supporting me throughout the show. I appreciate it a lot and love you all. Right now, I'm in Kentucky training with the rest of the WWF boyz, but I'll write more later. Keep checking back for updates. This site reeks of total awesomeness!!

Hi everyone. I just want to wish you' all a Happy Thanksgiving! I am going to be spending Thanksgiving with Josh at his parents place in Indianapolis, Indiana. You' all be sure to support him in the XWF. He's doing great! Things have been going well  here in the OVW. I'm in Louisville, Kentucky training with Ironman Conway. I've also been working with Dave Taylor on my grappling. Even able to work with the likes of Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerro, Sean O'Haire, and Val Venis.  I'm learning a lot about the wrestling business right now. Learning everything from putting together the ring to helping out with promoting the OVW, like doing autograph sessions. We practice about 2 hours a day and do shows in surrounding towns. But I have yet to wrestle a match so far. They want to make sure I'm ready for the ring before I make my debut, but I'm itching to get into the squared circle. I see Maven just about every week. He's doing great over in the HWA, which is in Cincinnati. I admit, it is a pretty tiresome life on the road, but one well worth it in the end. Thanks again for supporting me and keep those hits coming in!! Love and miss all my fans!!




Hey fellow wrestling fans.
Sorry for the delay in news. Been pretty busy as of late. I get a three day weekend and I'll be on my way to Cincinnati shortly. HWA is having a show Saturday and me and some of the other wrestlers are going to watch. Thanksgiving was cool. Got to spend it with Josh and since I'm a vegetarian, I ate the stuffing, mashed potato, and of course PIE...pumpkin pie, that is! (with some raspberry strudel thrown in the mix)

We just chilled out and watched old wrestling tapes from Japan, Omega, and ECW. I was surprised by how many high flying moves Matt Hardy used to do. Much more so than now in WWF. We watched tapes until 5am.

Dean Malenko was in this week teaching us mat techniques and Kevin Kelly helped us with promos in front of the camera. 

Here's a typical week for me:
Mondays - After training and working out, it's time to watch  RAW with the rest of the wrestlers. 
Tuesdays - After training at 2pm, I goes home to eat and then go workout at the gym. At 5:30, I go to the gym to set up the ring for a's really REALLY heavy to put together. I watch the show in the "good guys" locker room and takes notes. Jim Cornette watches with me sometimes and teaches me some of the ring psychology.
Wednesdays - These days are when the TV tapings are done. I  made my debut recently by sitting in the front row. They are working me in slowly. And we usually all  go out to a bar or club after the show.
Thursdays - Training and Smackdown!
Saturdays - No shows on Saturday. I go to an "Amateur class," which is a class for the new wrestlers taught by Rico Constantino and Prototype.
Sundays - Day off.

Maven had his first match Tuesday...he's doing well. Taylor also had her first match recently too. She was real nervous at first but after she got into it, it was cool and exciting. And Paulina is in LA working with the staff of Tough Enough 2.

As for myself, I'll be back in good ol' Houston Dec. 14...and finally be able to have some free time to answer all the e-mails and messages you guys have sent. Thank-you all so much for all your support.




Sorry fellas for not writing earlier. I have just been busy with so many things. Biggest news so far is that I had my first match this past Saturday against Queen Victoria! Whooh!! She was one of Godfather's Hoes that went through a table. I was sick for two days before that with a stomach virus and felt really bad all day and only felt fine for 25 minutes that entire day, which luckily was during my match. The adrenaline was pumpin' so I felt fine. The match went great. I got my ass whooped all over the place, but I got in  a few moves on Victoria, like a head scissors takedown, a back body drop, and a body slam. My ring attire was much like Trish Stratus, but the pants were a bit too big and I had to keep pulling them up every two minutes. After the match, I felt so sick that I  just had to lie down on the ground backstage, and didn't even care that it was cold and dirty. Felt a bit sore the next day, but that soon went away, just like my virus = )

My sister, Lourdes,  is with me in Kentucky right now, and we're both having a great time. Sister doesn't want to leave, she's already missed the first week of school.  Shame on her,  but she's pretty stubborn. I was really excited to see Maven in the Royal Rumble. Quite happy to see him take out the Undertaker the way he did. Not sure when I'll  be seen on WWF TV, but hopefully it'll be soon. So everyone stay posted and keep your fingers crossed for me! Adios.

- Nidia